Human Rights


Elevate your commitment to justice and diverse group rights with IIHR’s prestigious Human Rights Advocate Certification. Dive into a structured curriculum covering the history, terminology, and milestones of human rights as delineated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Delivered both online and in-person, and in collaboration with a global leader in the field, this program empowers you to advocate, educate, and lead. Join us in shaping a world where rights are recognized and revered universally.

Comprehensive Curriculum

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Do principles of equitable justice and the rights of diverse groups — encompassing women, children, immigrants, refugees, the homeless, and veterans — resonate with your beliefs? The Human Rights Advocate Certification, offered by IIHR, might be your distinguished pathway.

Our comprehensive program equips you with the necessary expertise, resources, and connections to emerge as a vanguard in human rights advocacy, both on domestic and international fronts. Immerse yourself in a rigorous curriculum, encompassing the evolution, lexicon, instruments, and underpinnings of human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Delve deep into pivotal policies and monumental milestones that have shaped the human rights discourse.

Available both online and in-person, this course is crafted in collaboration with a globally-renowned entity in human rights advocacy and pedagogy.

Graduates from the International Institute of Human Rights are not only adept in championing the rights of humanity but also become the much-needed voice for the voiceless. Beyond personal advocacy, you’ll be equipped to educate and empower others in understanding and asserting their intrinsic rights.

Embark on this esteemed journey. Join the ranks of exceptional Human Rights Advocates, steering communities towards equality and justice universally.

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Step into the forefront of human rights leadership with IIHR’s elite certification program. Acquire pivotal knowledge, amplify your impact, and be the change the world needs.