MC Foundation is a champion for immigrants and refugees who are challenged by the lack knowledge of their human rights, the rights they have as immigrants and refugees, and the lack of resources.  We provide support for their new life in an unfamiliar environment.   At MC Foundation we support everyone for their right to achieve their dreams and the opportunities for a brighter future.

When we come together as a community and  support those new in our country in search of a better life and opportunities, our communities become a safer and healthier place where we can all live, learn, work, achieve, and succeed.

Our Services

MC Foundation provides the following services for all who have relocated to our country in search of a better quality of life:

-  USCIS document preparation
-  Translation and Interpreter
-  Notary
-  Legal Support
-  Citizenship
-  Employment Referral
-  Educational Resources
-  Emergency Plans and Supplies
-  Human Rights Advocacy
-  Victims of Trafficking Advocacy
-  Educate and Empower Immigrant Communities 
-  Mental Health
-  Food pantry, and other items

MC Foundation has helped countless families throughout the year but we can't do it alone - we need your help.  100% of your donations impact the lives of so many, will you help them?  The size of your donation does not matter - every cent counts and helps.  Thank you as you give!