International Institute of
Human Rights

The International Institute of Human Rights (IIIHR) located in Tampa, Florida leads in certified courses that play a crucial role in promoting and monitoring the effective implementation of human rights standards, training and advocacy.

IIHR is the only organization in the area with a menu of courses that will prepare all graduates to a world of advocacy, human rights and human trafficking trainers, and will open doors to become future global leaders.

Founded in 2022 under Miel y Canela Foundation, IIHR, is designed to bring students from around the world to create advocates of  justice, defenders of human rights, capacity building for leadership professionals, gender rights, disabilities rights, and human trafficking.

In partnership with the leader in protocol and human rifhts, IIHR will also prepares youth, adults, activists and all participants for an opportunity to have a new career in human rights through courses, programs, internships and other opportunities in Washington, DC and abroad.

Visit our programs and see the world of opportunities that await you with your certification at IIHR.  All programs are offered in several languages.

As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, your donations will make a difference in the life of less-fortunate students with big dreams and talents, but little means.  Thank you as you contribute to help them reach their goals.

Human Rights
Derechos Humanos

Human Trafficking
Trafico Humano

Domestic Violence
Violencia Domestica

Diplomacy, Protocol & Etiquette

Diplomacia, Protocolo & Etiqueta

How to Establish a Business in the United States

Como Establecer un Negocio en los Estados Unidos

Minority Certification

Certificacion Minoritario



English / Ingles

Beginning / Basico

Advanced / Avanzado

Life Coach

Coach de Vida


Standing Up
for Me

Me Defiendo!

Cultural Arts

Artes Culturales