In this constantly changing world, it is important for all generations to be included in decision-making processes that impact our communities - our youth are no exception.  The Youth Ambassadors for Human Rights courses follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and are designed to equip students with the knowledge to understand how the decisions made for their communities are taken, and how to influence them by their advocacy for tolerance and peace.  The courses will provide them with tools where they will be able to contribute and take part in developing the civic cultures and norms in their neighborhoods, societies, and ultimately the world.  They will gain leadership skills and be propelled towards academic success - our youth are the voices and global leaders of tomorrow.

Investing in our youth today secures them a brighter and better tomorrow.

Our communities need to improve the way it addresses so many challenging issues our youth are facing today.  One important issue is the lack of resources where schools cannot provide enough effective approaches to engage youth and their families who are at risk.  Miel y Canela Foundation Youth Services Program engages, educates, and empowers youth through the Youth Ambassadors for Human Rights program.   The curriculum is taught by Certified Human Rights Consultants in each field, and will include speakers from other nonprofits, government agencies, artists, musicians, elected officials, athletes, colleges, and universities, among others.  The curriculum comprises of the following courses:
- Human Rights
- Human Trafficking
- Domestic Violence
- Diplomacy
- Protocol & Etiquette
- Citizen Diplomacy
-  Educational Tour

One of the many benefits students will have from this training is having access to and becoming part of many organizations that uphold the very essence of the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that are vital to the peaceful functioning of society.  Some of these local and global organizations are:

-  United Nations Human Rights and Youth - Office of the High Commissioner
-  The Center for Citizen Diplomacy
-  Global Citizens for a Stronger United Nations
-  Hillsborough County ADA
-  Human Rights Watch
-  UNA - USA
-  ... and many more 

Students that join the Youth Ambassadors for Human Rights certificate program will learn, discuss and have the opportunity to engage in topics such as:
-  Community building with peers
-  Developing new skills
-  Learning about other cultures
-  Strategies to create a better and positive school environment
-  How to organize to impact policy changes
-  Become effective communicators and public speakers
-  What is diplomacy and how nations come together without violence
-  The importance of valuing self
-  Proper conduct in society
-  The United Nations and Human Rights
-  .....and much more

We need your help!  Your contribution will enable students to participate in one of the most influential experiences of this program, the Human Rights Educational Tour.  Students and accompanying parent(s) or guardian will enjoy the benefit of touring the nations capitol, specifically:
(the tour is programmed for 2022 - once all COVID restrictions are TOTALLY LIFTED) 
-  The White House
-  The U.S. Capitol
-  The U.S. Supreme Court
-  The U.S. Department of State
-  The Washington, D.C. Consular Corps
-  Three Embassies (to be announced at a later date)
-  The United Nations in New York City

Your generosity will change the lives of all participating students.  Without your help, many of these young men and women could not have the opportunity to be empowered with such a life-changing experience this course and tour will represent to them and their families.

To learn more about the entire program and how you can participate and/or help, please contact our office at 813-260-3094 or 912-432-5311.  Your contribution can be made through the following link or at the "Donate" button on the top right of the page.  Thank you for your support!