Human Rights Certification

Do you believe in fair access to justice? Do you believe in the rights of women, children, immigrants, refugees, the homeless, veterans  and many other groups?  Then the Human Rights Advocate Certification is just for you.

IIHR's Human Rights program develops the skills, knowledge and network you need to become an advocate and a defender of your rights and the rights of others.  It also gives you an opportunity to  launch a new career in the field of human rights, a journey both nationally and internationally.

Learn the history, terminology, tools and concepts that will allow you to better understand how human rights became the standard of dignity and justice as stated and impletmented by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  You will also learn the key human rights policies as you gain insight into some of the most important milestones and historical events of human rights.

This course is offered online as well as in-person, offered in partnership with the global leader in human rights advocacy and education.

As a graduate of the International Institute of Human Rights you will excel in the knowledge of defending the rights of all mankind, and a voice for those who cannot defend themselves. Not only will you be able to be an advocate, you will also be able to train others in learning and knowing their rights.

Don't wait - become part of an exceptional group of Human Rights Advocates leading our communities and beyond fighting inequality and allowing access to justice for all.

Dates of upcoming courses in English and Spanish, and both virtually and in-person will be posted soon.