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Peace, dignity and equality - the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created and established  for the protection of human rights for all people; to help empower people to realize their rights; and to assist those responsible for upholding such rights in ensuring that they are implemented without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or any other opinion - everyone is born FREE!

Human rights are essential in building safe, healthy and just societies.  MC Foundation believes that when people are empowered to pursue their own destinies and have a voice in shaping solutions to problems they experience, they are better equipped to overcome poverty, live with dignity and transform their lives and impact the lives of others.

Every day human rights violations are occuring all over the globe, they are seen in every communication platform available and though it is true that these methods bring us awareness of what is occuring around us, nothing will change if together - GLOBALLY - we do not exercise the statement of Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "We all have a duty to other people, and we should protect their rights and freedoms."

If we collectively agree on the issues the world is facing and compromise to work together in solving these issues no matter how complex they are, we will be able to achieve a global community where all nations will take responsibility in the promotion, protection and implementation of human rights for mankind ensuring everyone is valued and treated with respect and dignity making our world a better and peaceful place for all.

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Human Trafficking

We have proven that together we can end epidemics, pandemics, diseases and wars. Right now

                      HUMAN TRAFFICKING"

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As stated by Homeland Security's Blue Campaign:

"Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide – including right here in the United States.

It can happen in any community and victims can be any age, race, gender, or nationality. Traffickers might use the following methods to lure victims into trafficking situations:

- Violence
- Manipulation
- False promises of well-paying jobs
- Romantic relationships

Language barriers, fear of their traffickers, and/or fear of law enforcement frequently keep victims from seeking help, making human trafficking a hidden crime."

Awareness of this heinous crime that lures our streets, that is living in our backyards, is KEY in protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. Click on the image - this video from the Blue Campaign outlines what you may not know about Human Trafficking.

MC Foundation and is working with community partners and encouraging everyone to join our Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign to keep our children and families safe and away from these predators - only TOGETHER can we stop these criminals and set our streets free! Learn more about how you can help by clicking on the button below. Get involved - be part of the solution.  So many out there need us - let's bring them home - from victims to survivors!

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Domestic Violence

Does your partner…

-  Embarrass or make fun of you in front of your friends or family?

-  Puts down your accomplishments?

-  Makes you feel like you are unable to make decisions on your own?

-  Uses intimidation or threats to gain compliance?

-  Tells you that you are nothing without them?

-  Treats you roughly grabs, pushes, pinches, shoves or hits you?

-  Calls you several times a night or shows up to make sure you are where you said you would be?

-  Uses drugs or alcohol as an excuse for saying hurtful things or abusing you?  

.....GET OUT!!!  Click below, find out how.

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Recognizing key indicators of human trafficking is the first step in identifying victims and can help save a life. Here are some common indicators to help recognize human trafficking.

The United States experienced major waves of immigration during the colonial era, the first part of the 19th century and from the 1880s to 1920. Many immigrants came to America seeking greater economic opportunity, while some, such as the Pilgrims in the early 1600s, arrived in search of religious freedom.

International Institute for
Human Rights

Este curso es para usted!  Usted que desea iniciar su propio negocio y/o que lleva poco tiempo en operacion, pero que desconoce los principios basicos sobre como comenzar y hacer que el mismo sea sostenible para el logro de su independicia economica.

El objetivo de este curso es brindarle la oportunidad de aprender e implementar estrategias y herramientas necesarias para crear, hacer crecer su negocio, obtener mejore resultados y alcanzar su maximo potencial.

Dra. Vivian Badillo - Instructora

Oprima el boton correspondiente a su participacion.  Es de importancia notar que aun observamos distancia por el COVID y por ende el cupo maximo de participantes son 10 para tomar el curso en persona.  Haga clic en el primer boton "Registracion Personal".

No hay limite de personas para tomar el curso virtualmente.  Haga clic en el segundo boton,
"Registracion Virtual".

Los esperamos!

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