Upholding Human Rights

Commited To End Human Trafficking

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A Beacon of Advocacy and Empowerment

Founded by a survivor with a compelling story, the Miel y Canela Foundation emerged from personal experiences of injustice. Today, we've blossomed into Tampa's premier advocate for the rights of all people, especially focusing on immigrants and those affected by abuse and trafficking. Our dedication? Make Tampa and Florida landmarks for zero tolerance against human rights violations.

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Uniqueness in Unity & Empowerment

Tailored Approach

Each story is unique, and we treat it as such. No other organization in Tampa combines advocacy, education, and empowerment like we do.


Led by the Chair of the Human Relations Board for Hillsborough County and other prestigious roles, we're not just another nonprofit; we're a force of change.

Holistic Care

From legal documentation to mental health referrals, our services encompass all aspects of the recovery and empowerment journey.

Stand with us in Defending Human Rights

Ready to make a change? Whether you're a business, individual, or another nonprofit, there's a place for you with Miel y Canela. Partner with us today!

Solutions that Empower and Protect


Not just paperwork. We provide comprehensive immigration assistance and create programs to foster self-sustainability among migrant families.

Social Services

More than just referrals. We collaborate with Florida's top agencies and organizations to ensure every individual receives the holistic support they deserve.

Human Trafficking

Dedicated services for victims, ensuring they receive the protection, care, and tools they need to rebuild.

Human Rights

From grassroot campaigns to digital platforms, our advocacy knows no bounds. Plus, our International Institute for Human Rights leads the region in human rights education.

Cultural Arts

Dance, music, art – we harness the power of the arts to bring diverse communities together.

International Institute

A regional first! Dive deep into courses ranging from human trafficking to international diplomacy.


The Beacon of Hope for the Voiceless

Our founder's story isn't just about survival; it's about turning pain into purpose. From surviving childhood trauma to leading the charge against human trafficking in Tampa, every chapter of our journey is fueled by passion, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

At Miel y Canela Foundation, our mission is straightforward – empower, support, and breathe life into voiceless communities. We're not just about protection; we're about redefining human rights standards and eradicating human trafficking

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